Galvatraz The Brand

Galveston, Texas or AKA Galvatraz is a tiny island at the end of Interstate 45 off the Texas coast. This tiny little island may be attached to the Americas. However, locals have long thought of this place as its own country! The island has had many nicknames over the decades. To name a few, Isle of Doom, Campeche, The Queen City of the Gulf, Ellis Island of the South, Free State of Galveston & Sin City. These are just the well documented ones! We have now entered the Galvatraz era! Although Galvatraz era has no recorded date of origin. The Galvatraz name was bestowed on the island by the locals. We have been able to trace Galvatraz back to the 19th-century with legends from many locals. Let us not forget the long history of this island. Starting with Campeche the first settlement on the island. The island destiny was always meant to be its own country. The pirate Jean Laffite was the first to put the XX on the island back in the 1800s. The Galvatraz brand is here to carry the torch forward and celebrate the island life, the history of this sandbar, and most of all welcome everyone to join our ex-pat community. Come to the island and be an ex-pat for the weekend or a pirate for the day! The island will imprison you with its charm! You will soon understand the Galvatraz story and see why it's the island escape you can't escape!