Why is Galveston not part of America?

We were asked recently, “What makes Galveston feel like it's own country?” Do people from Galveston really think they live in their own country? If you ask any local, they will tell you they only leave the island when they are forced to, and when they leave, some say they have to go to America! I think the reason for everyone is different, but it all boils down to feeling content while on our little laid back island with beautiful beaches, an amazing community, and a colorful history. For me it is the whole experience of the city here in Galveston. There aren't many cities in America that still have this amount of history condensed in one area. If you spend some time on The Strand, or in the East End Historical District, you are transported to a different time with the architecture. It takes you to a time where cities were made to be walkable before cars and public transportation. 
The Strand Galveston, Texas
As a local we become spoiled with this close proximity,  and unknowingly we get it ingrained in our heads that if it's more than five minutes away, it's too far! We are very proud of our small town! Although it’s small, it has many big city amenities compared to other towns of the same size. That definitely helps the fact that locals don't need to leave the island to maintain their daily lives. The community is like no other I have ever lived in. You may think a town of fifty thousand people would feel like a big city, but it doesn't take long to feel like you know everyone here! For my wife, it’s the feeling she gets as soon as she passes over the causeway coming onto the island that makes her feel like Galveston is its own country. She feels an immediate decrease in her blood pressure, and all her worries seem to melt away. There really IS something about coming over The Causeway that puts a spell on you! Within minutes you are in island mode. The freeway just vanishes and the speed limit is 35 mph. The only decision you have to make next is, “Do I go to the beach, or The Strand?” For many the beach in itself is a time warp. The memories you create at the beach are imprinted on you for life. I can still recall my firsts trips to Galveston as a child, and it seemed like a whole different world! Another reason Galveston might seem like its own country is because of her history. The island has been a place of escape for many centuries. This dates back to the 1500's with the indigenous tribes. It was once the largest city in Texas, and called Queen City of the Gulf. It was also know as The Ellis Island of the South in the 1900's, and the prohibition era Free State of Galveston in the 1920’s. Our little island is indeed very special and unique. Locals and visitors are free to enjoy their lives with little inhibition. While Galvatraz may not have an official recorded history to prove any real date of origin, we may have just entered a new era on the island, the era of Galvatraz! While we know this island has attracted people who wanted to escape over the centuries, maybe the escaping is just the dream of many in general. It's hard to pin it down for sure, but there is a Galvatraz spirit among the locals here! Either way once you visit this little island you will see it has something special about it, and you won’t want to leave! Maybe it will even become your final destination like it has been for so many others. 

We'd love to hear your take on this question! We know everyone has a story to tell about the island, and we want to know…what makes Galveston feel like its own country to YOU?



Pleasure Pier Galveston, Texas

The Strand Galveston, Texas


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